10 Recent Selected Publications of Andrea Perali

[1] Evidence from Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Large-Gap Superfluidity and BCS-BEC
Crossover in Double Electron-Hole Layers,
P.L. Ríos, A. Perali, R.J. Needs, D. Neilson,
Physical Review Letters 120, 177701 (2018).

[2] Multicomponent electron-hole superfluidity and the BCS-BEC crossover in double bilayer graphene
Conti, A. Perali, F.M. Peeters, D. Neilson,
Physical Review Letters 119, 257002 (2017).

[3] Curvature-tuned electronic properties of bilayer graphene in an effective four-dimensional spacetime,
Cariglia, R. Giambò, and A. Perali
Physical Review B 95, 245426 (2017).

[4] Multigap superconductivity and barrier-driven resonances in superconducting nanofilms with an inner potential barrier,
M.M. Doria, M. Cariglia, A. Perali,
Physical Review B 94, 224513 (2016).

[5] Band-edge BCS–BEC crossover in a two-band superconductor: physical properties and detection parameters,
Guidini, A. Perali,
Superconductor Science and Technology 27, 124002 (2014).

[6] High-Temperature Superfluidity in Double-Bilayer Graphene,
Perali, D. Neilson, and A. R. Hamilton,
Physical Review Letters 110, 146803 (2013).

[7] Evolution of the Normal State of a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas from a Pseudogap Phase to a Molecular Bose Gas,
Perali, F. Palestini, P. Pieri, G.C. Strinati, J. T. Stewart, J. P. Gaebler, T. E. Drake, and D. S. Jin,
Physical Review Letters 106, 060402 (2011).

[8] Observation of pseudogap behaviour in a strongly interacting Fermi gas,
J.P. Gaebler, J.T. Stewart, T.E. Drake, D.S. Jin, A. Perali, P. Pieri, and G. C. Strinati,
Nature Physics 6, 569-573 (2010).

[9] Enhanced paraconductivity-like fluctuations in the radiofrequency spectra of ultracold Fermi atoms,
Pieri, A. Perali, and G.C. Strinati,
Nature Physics 5, 736-740 (2009).

[10] Competition between Final-State and Pairing-Gap Effects in the Radio-Frequency Spectra of Ultracold Fermi Atoms,
Perali, P. Pieri, and G.C. Strinati,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 010402 -1/-4 (2008).